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You already know gratitude can change your life.

But . . . how do you properly use this gratitude to get the full benefit of its power?

In 30 Days of Grateful Living, Skip Johnson, bestselling author of The Mystic's Gift, shares one month of his most popular, original, poignant photos from his acclaimed Skip Johnson, Author Facebook page and then adds powerful, thought-provoking, carefully selected quotes which match the photos perfectly. The result? You'll get 30 days of pure, simple, quick motivation to start (or finish) your day in a way that will leave you feeling less stressed, happier, and deeply inspired.

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If you’re looking for some simple but impactful resolutions for 2024, let Skip share some of his favorites with you! You'll be amazed how quickly you can incorporate these ideas and start seeing improvements in your peacefulness, your strength, and your overall happiness.

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What if you could take one day and live it from sunrise to sunset with only gratitude—regardless of the challenges around you? In this little e-book, which is excerpted from Skip's powerful inspirational book Grateful for Everything, you'll see exactly what amazing things could happen. The beauty of it is that once you choose only gratitude for a day, you can do it for a week, a month...a lifetime. The results can be life-changing.

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"If you are looking for encouragement in your journey then you will certainly find it in this book." -Amazon reviewer

This extended sample from Skip Johnson's best-seller Hidden Jewels of Happiness will inspire and strengthen you in these tough times. Written to be read, absorbed, and put into practice quickly, don't be surprised if you find yourself feeling happier as soon as you read the first page!

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