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"When you combine inspiration, adventure, and enlightenment you get Skip Johnson‘s latest book “The Innkeepers Journal"

—Amazon reviewer


Nick and Maggie Reynolds are a young couple who seem to have everything the world could offer.

Wealthy, talented, well-traveled Harvard professors, raised in elite Nantucket families—yet they are miserably unhappy, and closer to a bitter divorce every day.

In a final attempt to pull their marriage together, the pair embarks on a road trip to Florida during their fall break, to visit one of their former favorite vacation spots.

Then unexpectedly, they find themselves detouring and spending a night at a quaint, coastal Georgia bed and breakfast.

As it turns out, it’s not just any inn.

The kind, wise, yet mysterious host seems to somehow know exactly what they need to turn their marriage and their lives around—but it will involve deep personal changes to their privileged way of life, which the two may not be willing to make. . .
Changes based on The Four Truths from a secretive, powerful journal the innkeeper has fortuitously inherited from a world-famous painter and wise ancestor of his.

When the gentleman offers the New Englanders a glimpse of what the transformative teachings of The Four Truths can do, the desperate pair is forced to make a choice . . .

Should they travel on and risk missing out on a “miracle” from this mystical innkeeper—or stay and hope his sharing of these sacred tenets can bring them real happiness and a renewed love for each other?

Full of twists and turns in the spectacular Golden Isles of Georgia, The Innkeeper's Journal is an uplifting, touching journey to self-discovery that will have you feeling empowered, encouraged, and grateful for what you'll discover along the way. . .

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"The Cobbler of Cape Town is another outstanding example of Skip's ability to weave a heartwarming story into an inspirational work of art."

—Amazon reviewer


In March of 1938, a humble, wise African cobbler named Eli Tambo was quietly working in his Cape Town shop.

He was also thinking . . .

Though it was years before South Africa’s famous freedom movement began, Eli was thinking deeply about happiness for all people in his divided land—not just for the privileged ones.

At the same time, a distraught yet determined eighteen-year-old named Lucas Van der Meer was arriving in Cape Town from Holland. It was the beginning of what he hoped would be a transformative, healing journey of service after suffering an unthinkable family tragedy.

When destiny brings the unlikely friends together, Eli and Lucas make a divinely inspired pact to lay the groundwork for empowerment and hope for oppressed South Africans.

With The Cobbler’s Creed as their sacred compass, the men begin slowly making progress on the seemingly impossible task—happiness and belief start emerging. . .

But the ruthless, separative South African government soon learns of their work, and the politicians begin fearing the ever-growing influence of the two men, vowing to stop them at any cost.

With their lives in danger and time running out, Eli and Lucas find themselves facing adversity that tests every ounce of their strength and courage.

Set in enchanting, awe-inspiring Africa,The Cobbler of Cape Town is a gripping, heroic tale, and an inspirational guide for those of us on a pilgrimage to overcome fear, doubt, and heartache—and make the world a better place.

“If you are not satisfied with your life it's time to make some changes. The first thing you should do is buy and read this book!”

—Amazon reviewer

Master storyteller Skip Johnson’s newest gem takes readers on a powerful, captivating, often poignant journey of self-discovery through the exotic, beautiful Dominican Republic . . .

A regretful, desperate New England lawyer.
A mysterious, sacred relic.
A life-changing Caribbean adventure you’ll never forget.

When young David Langley and his first-grade pal find an ancient-looking little statue buried in the woods in Newport, it’s all fun and games—so they hide it in the opening of an old oak tree.

Thirty years later they go back to retrieve it, and everything is about to change . . .

After an archeologist confirms the statue’s original ownership by a tribal chieftain from over 500 years ago, it is found to have been blessed with extraordinary powers . . . ones that David hopes can lead to healing in his own tragic life.

But tapping into those powers will require David to be part of a mystical meeting in a remote Caribbean jungle within 48 hours . . .

Or the statue and its gifts will vanish forever.

Join David on this heroic, spiritual quest as he frantically races against the clock for the chance to overcome his burden of guilt, sadness, and regret—and regain the peace and contentment he desperately wants.

It’s a gripping, transformative story . . . that may change your life, too.

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nautilus book award.png

“After having read Skip Johnson’s amazing inspirational and motivational trilogy of books called The Mystic’s Gift series, I thought he could not top himself. But this time I think he might have done so. . .”

—Amazon reviewer

Imagine winning the $250 million dollar lottery . . .

It happened to Phillip Westford, and his world quickly became one of “Champaign wishes and caviar dreams,” just as the old TV show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous promised. But he soon realized the money came with a price.


A very large price Phillip never dreamed he would have to pay . . .

But just when he is at his breaking point, Phillip meets a mysterious old Irishman named Patrick O’Rourke who claims he knows the secret for getting the distraught young man back to happiness.

That is, if Phillip is willing to undertake a trek to find three wise mentors across the globe.

Mentors who, according to Patrick, have the keys to the life Phillip so desperately wants . . .

Join Phillip on a magnificent train ride through Ireland as he weaves an inspiring, incredible story of his journey of transformation to Juliette McKelvey—a young journalist who is on her own desperate journey to rebuild her crumbling life.

It’s a ride to happiness you’ll soon realize . . . you were destined to be on.

treasure in antigua.jpg

(Book #3 in The Mystic’s Gift/Royce Holloway series)

“For anyone searching for light in their lives, this author is holding the lantern high for all of us. This third book in the trilogy brings it all together for a glimmer of all of our possibilities for happiness.” —Amazon reviewer

Fun and Sun. That’s what the Caribbean is for most people . . .
But for Royce Holloway, it’s strictly business.

When we last met up with him in The Gentleman’s Journey, Royce was on a spiritual quest on the coast of Georgia during a powerful hurricane with fellow pilgrim and charismatic world traveler Godfrey Tillman.

Now, Royce finds himself on an unimaginable adventure across the beautiful island of Antigua, searching for a sacred, priceless treasure. One that Godfrey Tillman said would deeply impact Royce—and deeply impact the world.

If the carefully hidden prize could ever be found . . .

Along the way, Royce is led through a series of “coincidental” meetings with wise, inspirational mentors from all walks of life, who somehow seem part of a mysterious, bigger plan to guide
him in reaching his destination.


Mentors who share unique stories of courage, belief, and determination in overcoming their personal pain and suffering— to eventually find their own treasures. Mentors and stories that can inspire us to do the same thing . . .

Join Royce on his captivating, empowering, and often poignant trek across magnificent Antigua, and as you meet the different teachers on his path, you’ll likely find the “student” whose life is changed most . . . is you.


(Book #2 in The Mystic’s Gift/Royce Holloway series)

“In today's world, when you need a book to enlighten you, and feed your heart and spirit, read
this incredible book, you will be so thankful.”—Amazon reviewer


Five years. . .

Was it even possible that it had already been five years since Royce Holloway spent those magical, transformative seven days in the magnificent gardens with the wise, exotic Indian mentor Maya in The Mystic’s Gift?

After that glorious week when Maya had shared six life-changing principles from an ancient, secret book of wisdom with Royce, not only was he able to finally recover his happiness after a devastating and unthinkable personal tragedy, but also his spiritual and personal powers had evolved to a level that surprised even him.

But now, Royce was ready for a new chapter—to push his skills and his life to a higher level and make an even greater impact on the world.

In fact, he felt something was leading him to do that very thing. . .
So much so, that when Royce’s journey took him to the spectacular, historical Jekyll Island Club Hotel on the Georgia coast, it didn’t surprise him one bit when he “coincidentally” met a mysterious, well-seasoned world traveler.


A traveler whose life was destined to intersect with Royce Holloway’s—in an unforgettable way for them both.

Join Royce on this powerful, spellbinding trek full of mystics, miracles, and inspirational stories.

You may find that your life will never be the same again . . .

The Mystic w Award(1).jpg

(Book #1 in The Mystic’s Gift/Royce Holloway series)
A 2022 International Book Awards winner


“A heartwarming yet powerful read that allowed me an experience unlike any other.”- Wild Sage
Book Blog


What if an exotic, alluring stranger freely offered you six ancient, secret keys for overcoming doubt, fear, and regret?

What if you then had unlimited, unquestioning belief you would succeed at anything you truly wanted to do?

What if you learned the chance meetings in your life. . .aren’t actually “chance” at all, but are instead designed to guide you to reach your true potential?

These were questions the successful, popular Royce Holloway had never considered asking.

But following a devastating and unexpected personal tragedy, a “coincidental“ meeting with a mysterious, beautiful mystic would lead him on a journey to find answers to those
questions—and to find happiness and contentment again.

Get The Mystic’s Gift now and let its six powerful keys change you . . . forever.

Hidden Jewels.jpg

There are times we feel doubt and discouragement—times we need a guiding light to get through the darkness and find our empowerment…

Inspirational author and speaker Skip Johnson draws on his rich background of leadership, motivation, and compassion to guide readers in finding and illuminating a better path. He’ll show you there are hidden “gifts” all around, ready to help you overcome difficulties and create positive, lasting change.

Skip’s journey to becoming a highly ranked athlete, then an award-winning business leader, wasn’t easy. The further up the ladders he rose, the greater the obstacles, and sometimes the disappointments. They helped prepare him for the coming challenges in life.

Skip’s words of wisdom, optimism, and courage will help you to gain or regain the happiness you deserve.

You’ll love these 39 essays, because each one is filled with little gems that will stick with you forever…

grateful for everything.jpg

"Grateful for Everything" uses the power of gratitude as a cornerstone in developing the skills needed to see the fun and adventure in life, regardless of the challenges we face.


Using ideas that can be quickly implemented, you will find: How to successfully see the game in life---as opposed to seeing life as a daily battle we must endure; How developing a spirit of gratitude can open doors you never thought possible and make a difference in the world; Which personality traits are keys to success and which are landmines to avoid in your journey; Which types of words reinforce your optimistic view of the world; Why some people have a powerful and attractive presence---and how you can too; How to feel more fulfilled by using your gifts to help others feel more fulfilled; How to "put it all together" in a way that is easy and effective.

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