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“In this book you will find faith, hope, love, and life. It is uplifting and thought provoking at the same time. If you have had any challenges in life, this is a book for

—Amazon reviewer

When Royce Holloway ends up on the magnificent island of Antigua, it’s far from a Caribbean vacation.
Instead, he finds himself on an incredible journey to locate a sacred, priceless treasure—one that Godfrey Tillman said would deeply impact Royce—and deeply impact the world. If the carefully hidden prize could ever be

found . . .

Along the way, Royce is led through a series of “coincidental” meetings with wise,
inspirational mentors from all walks of life, who somehow seem part of a mysterious, bigger plan to guide him in reaching his destination.

Join Royce on his captivating, empowering, and often poignant trek across beautiful Antigua, and as you meet the different teachers on his path, you’ll likely find the
“student” whose life is changed most . . . is you


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"Like all of Skip's books, his ability to make me feel deeply, to expand and blow the doors of my heart a little wider is what I enjoy so much. He is a gifted storyteller and just what I need to unplug from reality."

—Amazon reviewer

When Phillip Westford won the biggest lottery in history, he never dreamed there would be a price to pay. A very large price that would shake his world to the

core. . . But just when he is at his breaking point, Phillip meets a mysterious old Irishman
named Patrick O’Rourke who claims he knows the secret for getting the distraught
young man back to happiness.


That is, if Phillip is willing to undertake a trek to find three wise mentors across the globe.

Join Phillip on a magnificent train ride as he shares the inspiring, incredible story of his
journey of transformation with Juliette McKelvey—a young journalist who is on her own
desperate journey to rebuild her crumbling life.

It’s a ride to happiness you’ll soon realize . . . you were destined to be on.

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"You will not be the same person after reading this amazing little book. It’s a life-changing and moving experience of self-discovery and finding your life purpose. . ."

—Amazon reviewer

In the spirit of spellbinding, impactful stories like The Shack, The Alchemist, and Way of
the Peaceful Warrior, The Mystic’s Gift is already becoming a timeless, self-help classic.

Following a sudden, unimaginable personal tragedy at a point in his mid-life where Royce Holloway thought he "had it all,” he is introduced to a wise, exotic, and
enchanting mentor named Maya, who takes Royce on an unforgettable journey to
courageous self-discovery and incredible possibilities he never knew existed.

Join Royce on this captivating, often poignant trek spanning two continents as Maya shares The Six Principles of Sacred Power that will change him in a lasting, powerful

You may find that the life changed most . . . is yours.

The Gentleman's Journey.jpg

“A wonderful story to live your life by. Very timely for me in my spiritual quest. The principles in this book series are absolutely true and if practiced by humanity would truly be heaven on earth.”

—Amazon reviewer

Five years after his unforgettable meeting with the Indian mystic Maya, Royce was ready
for a new chapter—to push his skills and his life to a higher level and make an even
greater impact on the world.

This time Royce’s journey takes him to the spectacular, historical Jekyll Island Club Hotel on the Georgia coast, where he “coincidentally” meets a mysterious, well-seasoned
world traveler named Godfrey Tillman, who has a message for Royce. . . A message that only a select few people in the world had ever heard . . .

Join Royce on this powerful, spellbinding trek full of mystics, miracles, and inspirational
stories as he learns secrets that will leave you spellbound. . . and transformed.

Book #1
"The Mystic's Gift/Royce Holloway" Series
Book #2
"The Mystic's Gift/Royce Holloway" Series
Book #3
"The Mystic's Gift/Royce Holloway" Series


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