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What would your life look like if you saw life every day as an inspired

adventure—a great game to play and love, instead of a weary daily battle

to trudge through?

How would it feel if your conversations and interactions were full of

inspiration, positivity and optimism—instead of ones that are mundane,

uninspiring, and seemingly just the same old thing every day?

What if you used your gifts to inspire yourself and to inspire the people in

your life so that people felt uplifted and encouraged every time they saw

you or experienced your talent and work.

Author and speaker Skip Johnson loves to see the game in everything he

does in life as he lives out Helen Keller’s quote that being alive is “either a

daring adventure, or nothing at all.”

And through his motivational speeches, stories, articles, E-books and

books, his mission is to lead students, readers, and audiences to learn the

skills to do the same.

On this site you’ll find some of Skip’s many inspirational writings that have

left his audiences and readers empowered, enlightened and inspired to live

life at a happier, more impactful level.


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“7 Days to an Inspired Life” Challenge 

Ready to challenge yourself-- AND to become inspired?

In the "7 Days to an Inspired Life" Challenge, Skip Johnson will lead you on a journey to feeling more empowered, motivated, and inspired to see life's challenges through different lenses.

In these 7 days--just 5 minutes each day--you'll learn powerful ideas that can be transformed into habits you can use to supercharge your happiness.

Every day, you’ll get a new quote, original inspirational picture, and a powerful motivational message to start recalibrating your happiness level. Start now on the "7 Days to an Inspired Life" Challenge and let the magic begin...

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