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Book #1
"The Mystic's Gift/Royce Holloway" Series
Book #2
"The Mystic's Gift/Royce Holloway" Series
Book #3
"The Mystic's Gift/Royce Holloway" Series
Multi-Award Winning
"The Lottery Winner's Greatest Ride"

"You will not be the same person after reading this amazing little book. It’s a life-changing and moving experience of self-discovery and finding your life purpose. . ."

—Amazon reviewer

“A wonderful story to live your life by. Very timely for me in my spiritual quest. The principles in this book series are absolutely true and if practiced by humanity would truly be heaven on earth.”

—Amazon reviewer

“In this book you will find faith, hope, love, and life. It is uplifting and thought provoking at the same time. If you have had any challenges in life, this is a book for

—Amazon reviewer

"Like all of Skip's books, his ability to make me feel deeply, to expand and blow the doors of my heart a little wider is what I enjoy so much. He is a gifted storyteller and just what I need to unplug from reality."

—Amazon reviewer

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Skip Johnson


Skip Johnson is an award-winning inspirational author whose goal is to empower, inspire, and enrich the lives of his readers.

He is known for his easy-going style of adventurous storytelling, with rich elements of spirituality, mysticism, and personal growth woven throughout his books. One prominent aspect of Skip’s writing is how he takes readers on symbolic journeys of self-discovery and enlightenment. His characters often find themselves on treks to faraway places where meetings with wise, mystical mentors lead readers to contemplate their own personal and spiritual journeys and how their lives can be more fulfilling and joyful.


His storytelling is simple yet profound, allowing readers from all walks of life to extract and quickly apply the nuggets of wisdom, compassion, and peacefulness that permeate the pages of his narratives. He uses crystal-clear imagery to create the feeling for readers of being right beside each character on their life-changing, heroic journey in every saga.

Skip’s books are both spiritual and practical. Each story encourages readers to look inside themselves for the magic, courage, and strength that is often deeply hidden within themselves, patiently waiting to be released to powerfully impact the world.

Based in Georgia, Skip himself has traveled many paths, including that of motivational speaker, a business leader, a master tennis professional, and a world traveler. These experiences have shaped his writing, and the wisdom and insights woven into each story leave readers filled with wonder, gratitude, and enthusiasm for the days ahead.

Skip is the author of the novels The Mystic’s Gift, The Gentleman’s Journey, The Treasure in Antigua, The Lottery Winner’s Greatest Ride, The Statue’s Secret, and the nonfiction books Grateful for Everything, Hidden Jewels of Happiness, and Starting Each Day in a Powerful Way. His works have earned the Maxy Awards Book of the Year, the International Book Award, and the Nautilus Silver Award.

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