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#1 New Release on Amazon!!

In the spirit of those spellbinding, deeply moving, transformative stories that only occasionally appear in our lives, The Mystic’s Gift is destined to become a timeless, self-help classic...

Royce was ready for a new chapter—to push his skills and his life to a higher level and make an even greater impact on the world.

This time Royce’s journey takes him to the spectacular, historical Jekyll Island Club Hotel on the Georgia coast, it didn’t surprise him one bit when he “coincidentally” met a mysterious, well-seasoned world traveler.

Join Royce on this powerful, spellbinding trek full of mystics, miracles, and inspirational stories.

There are times we feel doubt and discouragement—times we need a guiding light to get through the darkness and find our empowerment…

Skip draws on his rich background of leadership, motivation, and compassion to guide readers in finding and illuminating a better path.

Join Royce on his captivating, empowering, and often poignant trek across magnificent Antigua, and as you meet the different teachers on his path, you’ll likely find the “student” whose life is changed most . . . is you.



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Skip Johnson writes in a style that is similar to the way he speaks. Personal and with compassion. Skip authors many books that inspire the lives of his readers each day.


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